Faster, Cheaper, Better

Appropriate Dispute Resolution (ADR)

  • Settle Disputes Within 3-6 Months
  • At less than 1/3rd of the Costs of Going to Trial
  • On a “No Settlement, No Fee” Basis
  • With a >80% Settlement Rate
  • Using Mediators and Other Experts, as Needed
  • Innovative Software: InnovADR has developed a groundbreaking software portal, currently under pending patent application
  • Simplification: The portal aims to simplify dispute resolution design by providing a comprehensive system for triage and assessment tailored to the parties’ procedural needs and interests
  • Risk Assessment: The software evaluates the risk of parties not being able to satisfactorily resolve their disputes through different dispute resolution methods
  • Optimized Matching Process: The portal proposes optimized matches between process designs and identified risks, ensuring an effective dispute resolution strategy
  • Resource Allocation Efficiency: This system allows for effective resource allocation within each party’s budget and time constraints
  • Cost Coverage and Success Fee Basis: The software proposes the amount that InnovADR should invest for setting up and implementing each process, ensuring success fee are consistent, fair and proportional to the complexity and risks of each case not settling
  • Advancement in Dispute Resolution: The portal represents a significant advancement in the field, offering a more tailored, balances, fair, efficient, and cost-effective approach to handling various types of disputes

Our  portal offers a simple, tailored, efficient, and effective approach to diagnosing and implementing various types of disputes.

  1. Dispute Registration and Analysis: Our Application Form takes 15-30 minutes to fill out and can be shared with other people in each team. The form helps to register disputes quickly, and immediately proposes possible ADR options based on what was proposed in the form of a “Riskin Grid” and using a “Glasl Scale” analysis.
  2. Diagnostic Tools: The system uses a unique set of algorithms to help assess the parties’ procedural needs and interests and to suggest possible procedural options, including Mixed Mode processes to determine the most suitable process for each case.
  3. Customized ADR Process Design: The system suggests bespoke dispute resolution processes, considering the legal, cultural, emotional and social aspects of each dispute.
  4. Selection of ADR Neutrals: The system helps the parties to jointly select optimal ADR neutrals and generate a mutually acceptable shortlist of names in each case, based on the merits and the suitability of each ADR neutral, as well as their availability.
  5. Efficiency and Confidentiality: Our system streamlines each dispute resolution process, focusing on time and cost efficiency, while ensuring confidentiality.

This portal represents a significant advancement in dispute resolution, offering a more tailored, efficient, and effective approach to handling various types of disputes.

Our innovative portal is a comprehensive software tool for disputants, their advisors, and any third parties involved in a dispute.  It is designed to help users to share information and collaborate within their teams in a safe environment and confidential space.  It facilitates the registration of cases and simplifies the intricate task of diagnosing each party’s procedural needs and interests. Using  InnovADR’s seven key drivers and proprietary algorithms, the system assesses and proposes a customized, optimized dispute resolution process tailored specifically to each case, which enables InnovADR to make a budget proposal for financing each case.  The benefits of using our portal include:

Benefits of Using Our Portal

  1. Efficiency: Save valuable time and effort.
  2. Simplification: Our tools make diagnosing and designing a bespoke dispute resolution process easier.
  3. Optimization: Achieve faster, more cost-effective, and superior outcomes.
  4. Inclusivity: Easily identify and engage all necessary parties and ADR neutrals to resolve each dispute.
  1. You can open a new case as a requesting party, a responding party, or as an anonymous person (in which case you will not be considered to be a party).
  2. Each party identifies itself as “Essential” or “Non-Essential” in terms of whether its participation is needed to resolve the dispute.
  3. Alternatively, a party can request InnovADR to initiate a new case in its own name (as a “Non-Essential” party), in which case it will appear as the Requesting Party inviting all of the other parties to fill out an Application Form.
  4. No Application Form is processed until the designed Authorized Representative for each party has approved it.
  5. For more detailed insights into our process, please visit our “How We Work” page, where you will find a step-by-step guide and additional information on how to fill out the initial Application Form required to register a new case.
The portal contains specific forms and modules as each case evolves:
  1. Case Registration: Initiate a process by registering a case. (Time: 3 minutes)
  2. Application Form: This form is a pivotal step by which you provide summary information about your case without divulging any sensitive information. Notably, it includes a complimentary diagnostic tool at the end in the form of a “Riskin Grid”, offering invaluable insights into the types of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) processes that might best suit your case. (Time: 15-30 minutes).
  3. Due Diligence Questionnaire: This is a series of 55 multiple choice questions, broken down into separate sections. Filling this out enables InnovADR to ensure a thorough understanding to prepare and make an optimal proposel fo the resolution of each case. It allows for further reflection on the seven key drivers, and for each party to do some perspective-taking. (Time: 1 hour)
  4. ADR Neutral Selection: This module facilitates the parties’ selection of mutually acceptable ADR Neutral(s) that are suitable for each case, and accelerates and simplifies the selection process. Choose from any lists of approved ADR Institutions or Neutrals, starting with the selection of a certified and experienced professional mediator as the first ADR Neutral to be appointed, who can be integral in guiding the parties’ procedural choices, determining what evaluative input may be needed, and resolving your dispute.
  5. Optional Additional Exercises: The application also provides simple charts to help each team asynchronously identify and clarify:
    • Each party’s Positions from its Interests, Concerns, Needs and Motivations (its “ICNMs”)
    • Each party’s alternatives to a negotiated settlement (e.g., its best, worst and reasonable alternatives) measured by time, cost, likely outcome and impact on each party’s ICNMs
    • Each party’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (its “SWOT” analysis).

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How We Work

  • Our diagnostic process and how we make an offer for each case
  • The approved mediators and other experts we work with
  • The way we treat data confidentiality

Who We Are

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  • The entities we cooperate with

What We Do

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  • Our mixed mode approach to ADR
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