Faster, Cheaper, Better

Appropriate Dispute Resolution (ADR)

  • Settle Disputes Within 3-6 Months
  • At less than 1/3rd of the Costs of Going to Trial
  • On a “No Settlement, No Fee” Basis
  • With a >80% Settlement Rate
  • Using Mediators and Other Experts, as Needed


Privacy and Confidentiality Undertakings

  1. Core Confidentiality: Every piece of information on our platform is treated with utmost confidentiality.
  2. Binding Agreement: Filling out our forms and submitting them creates a binding agreement under Swiss law for us to protect your data and privacy, whether or not you continue with a case.
  3. Data Collection & Use: We only collect necessary data for our dispute resolution assessments and proposals and are fully compliant with EU GDPR and Swiss data protection laws and regulations.
  4. Professional Access: Only authorized staff and consultants of InnovADR, who are bound by strict obligations of confidentiality, can access your information, and only for dispute resolution purposes.
  5. Dispute Resolution Information Sharing: Data may only be shared with other parties, appointed neutrals or administering ADR institutions under strict confidentiality, with your prior permission.
  6. AWS for Data Security: We use Amazon Web Services, adhering to their high standards for data storage and security. We store everything on servers in AWS Switzerland and for a period of 10 years after the most recent data entry in each case.
  7. User Control & Anonymized Data: You have control over your data, and we take measures to avoid anonymized data being traced back to you.
  8. Electronic Communication & Signing: Electronic communication and signing of documents are part of our process.
  9. Liability Disclaimer: While InnovADR does its best to ensure confidentiality and data protection, it accepts no liability for unauthorized hacks or breaches through AWS or by third parties.
  10. Policy Updates & Review: Please see InnovADR’s Confidentiality & Security Policy for more information. This policy may be updated, and we recommend periodic reviews.