Faster, Cheaper, Better

Appropriate Dispute Resolution (ADR)

  • Settle Disputes Within 3-6 Months
  • At less than 1/3rd of the Costs of Going to Trial
  • On a “No Settlement, No Fee” Basis
  • With a >80% Settlement Rate
  • Using Mediators and Other Experts, as Needed

InnovADR Ltd. is a Swiss company that organizes and invests
in Appropriate Dispute Resolution (ADR) processes by:

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Are you facing litigation or arbitration proceedings that take too long, cost too much or may destroy relationships or reputations?  We have a solution.

  1. Efficient
    • Quick and Cost-Effective: Resolve disputes in 3-6 months, at less than 5% of traditional trial costs.
    • Risk-Free Approach: “No settlement, no fee” policy; we cover initial costs.
    • Capped Fees: Success fees due only upon settlement, capped at 1/3rd of the anticipated costs of going to trial or arbitration.
  2. Fair & Balanced
    • No Financing Bias: We don’t finance one party over another, nor encourage litigation.
    • Customized Dispute Resolution: Our portal helps design tailored, efficient resolution processes.
    • Expert Support Provided: Includes at least one experienced commercial mediator and additional experts or dispute resolution professionals, as needed.
  3. Effective
    • High Settlement Rates: Based on the track record of our dispute resolution professionals, we aim to reach mutually satisfactory outcomes in at least 85% of cases, putting our money where our mouth is.
    • Focus on Collaboration: Promotes a cooperative approach to dispute resolution and prevents conflicts from escalating further, reducing risks and preserving relationships.
    • Simple steps: The software available via our portal simplifies the task of diagnosing each dispute, designing an appropriate process and appointing suitable neutrals.
  1. Costs: reducing the costs of reaching an effective outcome
  2. Time: optimizing the time needed to reach an outcome
  3. Relationships: providing for the parties’ desire to maintain or repair relationships, and setting a cooperative tone for resolving the dispute (including reputations and third-party stakeholders)
  4. Control of Process: accounting for the parties’ desire to control procedural matters (e.g., discovery, submissions, lawyers, witness testimonies, etc.)
  5. Control of Outcome: meeting the parties’ desire to control the outcome of the process (e.g., final findings of fact, law, liability, damages, reimbursement of attorneys’ fees, etc.)
  6. Confidentiality: providing for the parties’ desire to keep the dispute and/or its outcome confidential, to the extent permitted by law
  7. Enforceability: addressing the possible need to have the outcome recognized and enforced domestically or internationally.
  • Founder: Jeremy Lack
  • Barrister, Attorney-at-Law & ADR Neutral
  • England & Wales (GB), New York (US), Geneva (CH)
  • Ranked by WHO’S WHO LEGAL as :
    • A national leader since 2010,
    • One of the ten most highly regarded mediators in 2011,
    • One of the most highly regarded firms in 2012 and 2013,
    • A Global Elite Thought Leader from 2019-2024

How We Work

  • Our diagnostic process and how we make an offer for each case
  • The approved mediators and other experts we work with
  • The way we treat data confidentiality

Who We Are

  • Our executive team
  • Our advisory board
  • The entities we cooperate with

What We Do

  • What is “Appropriate” dispute resolution (ADR)
  • Our mixed mode approach to ADR
  • Frequently Asked Questions